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Website Promotion

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization has two main parts which are both about accurately describing the content on your website or online store so that the visitors and search engines alike can see exactly what you are offering.


On Page Optimization is the most important aspect to get increases SERPS. The search engine spiders gather information from the web pages and use them in factoring which site get ranked higher than others. Search engines analyze over 100 On-Page factors when analyzing the web pages. On Page Optimization are elements on the actual web page, like keyword density, keyword placement, and overall content within the site.


It has to do with links pointing to the website. If Page A points to Page B, then Page A casts a vote for page B. This is one part of the search algorithm used by many search engines. Another part of their algorithm is rating the actual value of Page A. If Page A is valuable and it is pointing to page B, then page B must have value as well.