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E-Commerce Website

Olyex Web Technology is a leading E-Commerce Solution Provider Company in Kanpur. Olyex Web Technology has been developing and integrating mission-critical E-Commerce Website and E-Commerce Solution, E-Commerce Development for different Industrial Sectors.

Making use of the latest technology and enriched features Olyex Web Technology Team designs and develops in such a way that anyone without advanced computer skills and without use of any special software is able to perform various operations over the ecommerce website / portal. The operations may be like:

  1. Add, edit & delete products
  2. Create product categories & sub-categories
  3. Control item quantities & stock
  4. Hold sales & display featured items
  5. Track and place Sales
  6. Sell online
  7. Bill
  8. Cross sell by displaying related products and much more…

Olyex Web Technology offers various ecommerce solutions :

  1. Open source E-commerce Integration
  2. E-commerce with CMS
  3. Payment Gateway Integration
  4. Secure online transaction or shopping cart solutions
  5. Credit Card or CC integration
  6. Online inventory management and much more…