website testing services in Kanpur

A website produces from the numerous modest elements which is connected with each other could be having assorted defaults or errors so that for examining the site we makes use of a elaborate approach,is Website testing.
in this process every software can be tested by our intellectual specialist.

At Olyex Web Technologies, we have a powerful team of specialized authorities having many years of experience in testing field. They are adroit quality assurance experts who have checked a huge quantity of applications. It is an effective way to find out the glitches and also testing that all prerequisites are accomplished of the project.
Web Testing helps to make perfect website and informs about any mistakes or faults differing to the correct website.

There are two types of website testing which we offers:-

  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Testing

Web Testing Offerings

website testing company in Kanpur
  •  Web testing
  •  Server testing (database, directory and Internet)
  •  Manual testing
  •  Test design and scripts
  •  Test strategy preparation
  •  Test plan documentation
  •  Test script documentation
  •  Design review

Manual Testing

Software testing company in Kanpur

Manual testing is a persists testing process in which software are tested consecutively for faults by quality assurance specialists. This process is working on large scale projects, it tests the applications continuously without any problem and identify the inclined error. It performs a significant function in Enterprise crucial softwares and applications.
Whereas in a project, the program code of a source adjusts at any other day, through manual testing each and every element is to be tested by tester.
At Conative IT Solutions, Manual testing of a website is perfomed through a well approach, we provide these services considering about your web project.

Automated Testing

Software testing services in Kanpur

Automated testing is recognized as a form of web functional training that utilizes to diagnose any software program. It works for checking the functional accuracy for a website It is a perfect process to check that the website completes with entire functional requirements either related to technical or other practise based.
There are a many number of tools for automated web functional testing of a site, which we used in the testing process, the tools are- Selenium, Test Studio, QF-Test, iMacros and so on. After the automated testing you will definitely begin up a new project successfully. Through the process of automated testing you can check entire programs relevant to your project.
Olyex Web Technologies gives you an excellent service of website testing within your estimated budget.