A Complete Business Automation System

Library Management

  • Manages all the transactions of books
  • Sends automatic frequent reminders to students to return books
  • Manage books procurement request


  • GPS tracking of all the vehicles in single Map
  • Parents can track their ward’s vehicle in Mobile App
  • Streaming of CCTV system in mobile app
  • Over speed alert to admin
  • Emergency alarm option in transport vehicles


  • Easily create time table of all the classes
  • Automatic notification parents/teachers in case of any updata in timetable
  • In case of absence of faculty e-Timetable suggests
  • availability of free teacher
  • Notification to teacher in case of sudden allocation to another class

Payroll Management

  • Manages financial aspects of employee’s salary,
  • allowances, deductions etc.
  • Generates pay-slips

Rigorous Registration

  • Easily register and maintain user
  • Easily print registration form or get printout of filled registration form
  • Import utility for bulk registration
  • Upload and maintain all relevant documents during registration

UDT Accounts

  • UDT makes your accounting easy
  • Stay on top of your finances with powerful accounting
  • with real time reports & charts
  • Login based access for safe and secure operation
  • Anytime anywhere access of your accounts

Visitor Management

  • Print visitor pass
  • Automatic welcome message to visitor
  • Automatic informs concerned staff regarding the visit
  • Easily notify any visitor through SMS

Income/Expense Management

  • Maintain all records and mode of income/expense
  • Upload all bills and receipt
  • Easily extract all the records in Excel or PDF

Notice/Event Management

  • Admin can issue a new notice to all staff and students
  • Easily upload pictures of Events and notify parents
  • Parents can view event pictures on their mobile app

Revenue Growth

  • Analyze monthly revenue growth
  • Graphical representation of revenue growth

Automatic Birthday Wish/Reminders

  • Notification to admin for day’s student and faculty birthday
  • An automatic birthday wish will be send to faculty and student

Lazy Leave Management

  • Staff/Student can apply for the full day leave or half day leave
  • Instant notification on leave approval/rejection
  • Maintain all records of leave with status

Evaluating Examination

  • Easily schedule class wise exam
  • Share & Notify exam schedule with teachers/parents and students
  • Automatic alarm prior to schedule examination

Rolling Result

  • Print marksheet as per the CBSE/State Board format
  • Admin/teachers can upload marks through Mobile App/Web app
  • Parents can view result on Mobile App
  • Parents/Teachers can easily analyze all the result


  • Innovative way of giving homework by clicking a snap
  • Assign homework and notify to individual student or to whole class
  • Notify homework details to parents by SMS or Notification

Student Strength Class-Wise

  • Monitor student strength and class strength
  • Helps you plan your activities as per the student strength in a class

Resounding Reports

  • Large range of customizable reports available
  • Download reports in Excel or PDF
  • G enerate different types of Bonafide documents

Enquiry Management System

  • Maintain all the enquiry records
  • Easily send update to all enquiry through SMS
  • Easily create follow-ups of your enquiry

Attentive Attendance

Fragile Fee Management

Instant SMS/Notification